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The Skills & Knowledge Your Staff Needs for Your Company's Success

Our Training and Development Center (TDC) is a complete training resource and management solution. It offers a wide range of interactive, well-structured learning modules that teach skills and concepts clearly and comprehensively — all with round-the-clock, online access. The TDC is flexible and learner-centered, putting the student in control and providing a powerful edge over other learning methods.

Designed to the highest standards, units are engaging to motivate students and make them active participants in their own learning. The TDC's realistic, simulated environment has proven to maximize retention for more effective skills transfer to the job. The TDC offers training in:

End-User Skills — including new word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, project management, database, email, scheduling and contact center skills

Business Skills — over 300 college-level modules, including curricula in Accounting, Business Law and Contracting, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior and Project Management

Professional Development Skills — covers topics such as negotiation, delegation, coaching, managing project teams and problem solving

Information Technology & Telecommunications — more than 1,500 modules, including Avaya, A+, Java, Oracle, Microsoft XP, Cisco and Linux - many mapping to today's most popular vendor certifications

Other Proven Training
On-site or in our offices, Manpower also offers innovative training for:

Contact Center — prepares students to excel in call center or multi-access environments through a range of modules that develop skills in call handling, sales techniques, quality service, communication, building customer relationships and more  

Service Quality — teaches the skills that help employees provide quality service to you, their co-workers and your customers

A Successful Training Strategy
The convenience and quality of Manpower's training enhance employee morale and retention. At the same time, it helps you maximize return on your investment in people and technology. To find out how our training can help your employees meet your business objectives more effectively, contact your local Manpower office.







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