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Sioux City, IA
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Associate's Pay

Manpower associates will be paid an hourly wage determined both by their skills and our clients work requirements. The hourly wage may vary from job to job. Your Staffing Specialist will tell you how much the job will pay before you accept the assignment. The weekly pay is based on the completed and submitted time. Manpower will deduct the necessary FICA and Federal, State and local taxes (where applicable).

Our Client's Costs

You should know that our clients are charged an hourly rate that's more than the hourly pay rate. Our bill rates include the additional costs of selection, administration, employer contributions for Social Security, Unemployment taxes, Workers' Compensation, insurance, corporate income tax and profit. Only Social Security and other legally required deductions are withheld from the pay.

Direct Deposit Convenience

Direct Deposit, Manpower's standard method of payment, offers our associates convenient, reliable, safe & easy access to your paycheck. You don't need to wait for your paycheck to arrive in the mail, wait in line to deposit it and wait again for it to clear. This payroll system automatically deposits your earnings into your checking or savings account at the bank or credit union of your choice. You'll receive an Earnings Statement itemizing all deductions and telling you the exact amount that was deposited into your account. Plus, your financial institution will provide a record of the deposits made to your account.

Manpower provides our associates with Direct Deposit at no charge. To enroll, complete the Direct Deposit Form, which is available from your Staffing Specialist. Completing and signing this form gives Manpower the authority to deposit your pay to your account. Staple a voided check to the form for verification of all financial institution information. Return both the form and voided check to your Manpower Representative. All information is considered confidential and is used by our payroll department only. Note: Should you decline to participate in Direct Deposit, Manpower has no control over the prompt delivery of your paycheck.

Manpower PayCard

This debit card allows our associates convenient access to their funds at ATMs and retail locations, and can be used to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. Ask your Staffing Specialist about signing up for the PayCard. Note: Your Manpower PayCard relationship is with Visa, not Manpower.

To ensure prompt deposits and statements, you should contact Manpower immediately if you have a change of address or financial institution. And please remember; Manpower is your employer. Any questions about your pay must be directed to us.


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