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Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie, WI
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  1. Direct Time: This is an electronic system that allows employees to either enter their hours online  at, or call them in at toll free 800-641-7510. At the start of the assignment employees are given an Order Number (secret code) to enter their hours weekly.
  2. Kronos: This time-clock system is also an electronic system and employees receive badges to use at start and end of shift to mark their work times.
  3. Time sheets: Manpower has individual and group time sheet that employees can use to report their hours and have them approved by employers. Manpower arranges collection methods to proceed with payroll
  4. Customer Specific: Clock in and out or log books, Supervisor report hours and so on.


  1. Direct Deposit: Your money is sent your account directly and thus every week at the same time. You will receive a statement by mail to confirm your pay and hours.
  2. Weekly Paycheck: checks are sent to the employee's address on a weekly basis
  3. Manpower Pay-Card: Employees can purchase a Visa Card through Manpower and their pay will automatically be on the card weekly.
  4. Direct Check Distribution: Some clients or assignment may require checks be distributed directly by Manpower to the employees.


  1. Any changes of address must be reported to Manpower immediately; failure to do so will result in pay delay and other complications
  2. Any rate or hours discrepancies must be reported immediately for adjustments
  3. Any changes in Job description or activities must be reported immediately for pay rate adjustment.

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