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Background Investigations

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Performing a Background Investigation
Downloadable Templates and Topic Briefs
Where Do I Go for Training on This Topic?
How Can I Earn Re-certification Credits?
What We Do - Manpower
Performing a Background Investigation
Performing a background check is particularly relevant in protecting yourself from negligent hiring. You can be held responsible for the actions of your employees, therefore showing due diligence in ensuring that your employees are safe and trustworthy, you should conduct background checks on them.
As a hiring manager, you would be best served by obtaining written consent from the applicant enabling you to perform a background check.
Background checking is often conducted by a specialized agency, which has greater experience, compliance and legislation knowledge, and resources to speed through what can be a lengthy process.
You can conduct your own background checks on prospective employees because you are searching public records with permission from the applicant, and in relation to some specific job requirements.
The main records used in background checking are as follows:

The information that you obtain from conducting a background check will need careful analysis if it is used to decide whether or not to hire an applicant.
Background checks provide you not only with further information on which to make a judgment about who to hire, but they can also be essential in avoiding negligent hiring claims.
Downloadable Templates and Topic Briefs 

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Consent to Conduct Background Check

Determining Adverse Impact

Discrimination Defined

Health-related Legislation

Where Do I Go for Training on This Topic?

Manpower’s Training and Development Center (TDC) is an on-the-job performance support tool that brings training opportunities to the Internet. That's nearly 4,000 world-class e-learning courses and 5,000 hours of e-learning in end-user applications – available at any time. We are constantly updating and adding courses to keep offerings usable and current with changing technology, knowledge, and skill requirements.

Coursework areas address professional development skills, compliance, business skills, end-user software applications, human resource topics, contact center, information technology, and telecommunications, to name just a few.
The following are recommended training courses for learning assessment and selection techniques:
HR0212 - Screening Applicants
hr_03_a03_bs_enus - Choosing the Best Applicant
How Can I Earn Re-certification Credits?

As a pre-approved provider of continuing education credits, Manpower can help you maintain your Professional HR status. Each hourly event counts towards 1 hour of credit for PHR, SPHR, and GPHR members. To learn more about the continuing education program, click here.

This series of complimentary, informative webinars will focus on a range of HR-related topics - from candidate screening and assessment to employee training and retention. Each presentation is designed to address the needs of companies of all sizes, and each speaker is a proven and accomplished expert in his/her field.
A topic currently in our archives that relates to background investigation is:
This topic and more are available at our complimentary webinar website at:
What We Do - Manpower
Manpower has partnered with a professional nationwide                   pre-employment screening and public data retrieval firm, Advanced Background Checks, Inc. Through this partnership Manpower is able to offer our volume discount pricing to our clients.
Services range from county-level court research, motor vehicle reports, and address histories to employment verification, education verification and reference verification.
Advanced Background Checks, Inc., a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), handles all requests in a timely and secure manner while maintaining full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
The Advanced Background Check’s Client Extranet is secured using industry standard SSL encryption, the same technology used by large e-commerce websites. All information transmitted to and from the Extranet is encrypted and the authenticity of access to the system is checked every time a user tries to access information. All access to the system is logged and actively monitored.
To offer convenience to our clients, Manpower and Advanced Background Checks have developed this convenient link to access this resource.
The process provides easy client set-up, on-line service requests and retrieval, legal reference forms and billing generated by Manpower.

For assistance with these services, contact Manpower's HR staffing consultants at (937)534-7416 or email us at

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