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Testing to Ensure Performance

The ability to identify skills and verify knowledge sets Manpower Professional apart from our competition. Our innovative assessments are designed to address the common challenges businesses face today: improving productivity while providing higher quality service to customers. Our tests help us send you motivated people with the skills, commitment and aptitude to work in your specific environment. A Manpower Representative will work with you to determine which of our tests will help us fill those needs accurately.

Assessments for Better Hiring Decisions

All of our proven tests are available to evaluate your own candidates. Plus, through our partnerships with world leaders in screening and assessment, we can use the following innovative tests to enable us to make the best match of worker to work. In addition, we offer these tests and our assessment services to aid you in making the most effective hiring decisions:

  •  Behavioral Style Questionnaires help us uncover the qualities and individual traits that distinguish exceptional employees. Questionnaires are designed for specific skill areas, including administrative and contact centre; industrial and skilled trades; and professional, managerial and executive-level.
  • Bank Teller Assessments help us identify candidates who can accurately count cash, verify customer information on checks and forms and solve problems.
  • Industrial Skilled Trades Assessments enable us to determine if applicants have the required numerical, visual estimation, mechanical, spatial and thinking skills.
  • Training to Build a Skilled Workforce

Training to Build a Skilled Workforce

Manpower provides our employees free access to a wide variety of training. Our Training and Development Center (TDC) offers e-learning for end-user software applications, business skills, interpersonal skills, IT, telecommunications and more. We also have innovative training available for contact centre skills, service quality, medical terminology, safety, good manufacturing practices and other skills that enable us to provide you with the precisely skilled people you need. Our training is also available to help you keep your staff current in mission-critical business applications.

Find out how our training helps us retain a pool of highly qualified people. Or, learn more about how our training can help you design and deploy robust e-learning solutions to support your enterprise-wide objectives.


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