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Payroll FAQ’s
How often am I paid?
Associates are paid on Thursday of every week. If Thursday falls on a holiday, paychecks/direct deposit advices will be available on Wednesday of that week.
When can I pick up my check?
Paychecks/direct deposit advices for associates working in the Ames and Fort Dodge area will be mailed Wednesday night. 
Paychecks/direct deposit advices for associates working in West Des Moines and Des Moines will be available for pick up from 12:00pm - 4:45pm on Thursdays. Paychecks/direct deposit advices not picked up will be mailed Thursday evening.
Paychecks/direct deposit advices for associates working in Creston will be delivered Friday morning.
What is FICA?
FICA, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, is the law that established Social Security and Medicare. FICA is separated into two parts, OASDI and Medicare. 
6.2% of your check goes to OASDI, Old Age Security and Disability Income, which is commonly referred to as Social Security. This is the monthly check you receive when you retire. 
1.45% funds Medicare, your insurance when you retire.
How do I change how much tax is deducted from my paycheck?
You may complete new W4’s at any time. To change your Iowa State exemptions, click here. To change your Federal exemptions, click here. Forward your completed original W4’s to your local Manpower office. W4 changes will take effect within one week of receipt by the Manpower office.
Do you offer Direct Deposit?
Yes we do. You may deposit your paycheck in up to 3 accounts. To enroll in direct deposit complete the direct deposit enrollment form, attach a voided check and forward to your local Manpower office. Your direct deposit will start approximately 2 weeks from the date Manpower receives your completed enrollment form.
How do I cancel my direct deposit?
To cancel your direct deposit you simply need to send a handwritten note to your local Manpower office stating “Please cancel my direct deposit”. Make sure you sign and date the note. Your direct deposit will be cancelled upon receipt of the note and may take up to one week to take effect.
I’ve switched banks. How do I update my direct deposit?
Complete a direct deposit enrollment form with your new bank’s information and forward it to your local Manpower office as soon as possible. You may receive a live paycheck for one week as your new direct deposit is being set up.
What benefits do you offer?
Manpower offers several benefits to our associates including holiday pay, vacation pay, insurance, referral bonuses, etc. Please click here for more details.
When will I receive my W2?
W2’s are mailed the third week of January from our Home Office in Milwaukee WI. Address changes should be forwarded to the Manpower office by December 15th to ensure your W2 has the correct information.
I lost/didn’t receive my W2. How do I request another one?
To request another W2, email Manpower with your Name, Social Security Number and what year W2 you need. W2’s prior to 2000 cost $5 per W2.

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